PNP RPG Bibliotek (systemer til rådighed i klubben)

PNP RPG Bibliotek (systemer til rådighed i klubben)

– Fantasy systemer
Dungeons and dragons 3/ 3.5
Dungeons and dragons 5 edition
Pathfinder 1. edition
World of warecraft the rolplaying game

– Gothic horror systemer (world of darknes)
Vampire: the Masquerade 20th og andre editions (Ink. Dark ages)
Werewolf: The forsaken, Mage: The awakening, Demon: The fallen og andre World of darknes systemer
Call of cthulhu (flere editions)

– Sci-fi systemer
Stars without numbers
Star wars rolplaying game (flere editions)
Serenity the role playing game (baseret på firefly serien)
Warhammer 40.000 (rollespillet)
Dark heresy

– Andre gode
Monster of the week
SLA industries

Ønskes nye systemer kan det ønskes som medlem, og så vil det blive overvejet at købe bøgerne

Bøger under diverse systemer
– Vampire: the masqurade 20th anniversary edition
o Lore of the clans
o Ghouls andrevenants
o The black hand: a guide to the Tal’Mahe’Ra
o Rites of the blood
o Anarchs unbound
o Lore of the bloodlines

– Vampire: The dark ages x2
o Tome of secrets
o Dark ages companion

– Vampire: the masquerade
o Becketts —- diary
o Clanbook Ravnos
o Clanbook Toreador
o Clanbook Giovarni
o Clanbook Assamite
o Clanbook Nosferatu
o Clanbook Lasombra
o Clanbook Followers of set
o Clanbook Tremer
o Clanbook Malkavian
o Clanbook Gangrel
o Clanbook Brujah

– Andet world of darknes
o Dark ages vampire
o Mummy: the resurrected
o Werewolf: The forsaken
o Demon: the fallen
o Vampire: the requiem
o Minds eye theatre: the requiem
o Mage the awakening
o Vampire: the masquerade
o The world of darkness

– SLA industries
– Call of Cthulhu
– Call of Cthulhu
– Call of Cthulhu dark ages

– Monster of the week
o Core book
o Tome of mysteries

– Star wars roleplaying game x2
o Ultimate alien anthology
o Starships of the galaxy
o Roleplaying game

– Serenity the role playing game
– Stars without numbers x2
– Warhammer 40.000

– Dark heresy
o The inquisitor’s handbook
o The radical’s handbook

– World of warcraft the roleplaying game
o Magic and mayham
o More magic and mayham

– Pathfinder 1 edition
o Bestiary
o Advanced player’s guide
o Core rulebook
o Gamemastery guide

– D&D 5. Edition
o Players handbook
o Monster manual
o Dungeon masters guide
o Volo’s guide to monsters
o Xanathar’s guide to everything
o Fizban’s treasury of dragons
o Thsha’s cauldron of everything
o Sword coast adventuring guide
o Mordenkainen’s tome of foes

– D&D 3-3.5 edition
o Players handbook 3
o Players handbook 3.5 x2
o Dungeon masters guide II
o Monster manual 3.5
o Monster manual IV
o Monster manual V
o Dragonlance campaign setting
o Forgotten realms campaign setting
o Eberron campaign setting
o Players handbook II
o Epic level handbook
o Complete champion
o Complete Adventurer
o Complete Arcane
o Complete divine
o Complete warrior
o Complete mage
o Complete psionic
o Complete scoundrel
o Book of exalted deeds
o Book of vile darkness
o Unearthed arcana
o Planar handbook
o Exemplars of evil
o Races of stone
o Races of destiny
o Races of the wild x2
o Races of dragons
o Magic item compendium
o Spell compendium
o Rules compendium
o Tome of battle: The book of nine swords
o Dragon magic
o Ghostwalk
o Expanded psionics handbook
o Heroes of battle
o Drow of the underdark
o Elder evils
o Heroes of horror
o Manual of the planes
o Dungeonscape
o Cityscape: An essential guide to urban adventuring
o Stronghold builder’s guidebook
o Weapons of legacy
o Frostburn
o Stormwrack
o Sandstorm
o Lords of madness: The book of Aberrations
o Fiendish codex II: tyrants of the nine hells
o Fiendish codex I: Hordes of the abyss
o Libris mortis

– D&D edition løs
o Ultimate character concepts
o Ultimate games designers companion
o Ultimate equipment guide
o Book of challenges

– Gurps Basic set
o Campaigns
o Characters

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